Your Future in IT

A website designed to help guide youth to prepare for a career in IT.


The Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology (COEforICT) needed a new website to help guide individuals into careers in IT and education offerings by Washington state community and technical colleges.   The website needed to include:

  • an IT Skills survey that would help direct students career paths based on their answers
  • a way for high school students interested in IT to prepare and track their progress in preparation to IT college programs
  • comprehensive information about Washington state IT education programs and how each degree maps to different career paths


A website was designed and developed to incorporate their needs.  The logic of the IT Skills survey was modified to make associations to specific career paths.  All Washington state IT programs and several different IT paths were mapped to the career paths developed by the center.

What I did

  • Led most of the planning with the center director
  • Created the information architecture of the website
  • Designed an activity flow
  • Created early sketches and mockups
  • Created an algorithms and coded the logic to associate results between skills survey and IT Pathways and IT job types
  • Worked on other custom code for other areas of the site (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Tools used: Fireworks, Illustrator, Coda, WordPress, Pen, paper & Whiteboard

Please note that unlike other items in my portfolio, the visual design and general theming was done by a contractor.  Later, the contractor was let go, and I was asked to finish outstanding issues with the website.

IT Skills Survey

IT Pathway Progress Tracker

Washington State IT Program Finder