News & Events

A newspaper styled website at Bellevue College used to publish press releases as well as news and announcements to students and the community.

News site screenshot


The college relations office was updating press releases manually in HTML (Dreamweaver) and using FTP.  This process was problematic especially if people in the office would override changes. They were also beginning to engage in social media and wanted to highlight those efforts in a single and more engaging site.


I designed a website that continued the design style of the rest of the Bellevue College site. We developed the site using WordPress to allow content managers to easily add press releases and other news stories to the website.  The website included custom fields and taxonomies to control how content was published on the home page. It also pulled in content published on Twitter and Flickr and allowed users to share stories on social media.

Screenshots and sketches

What I did

  • Worked closely with the PR Manager to define the project
  • Helped clarify the goals and made sure they matched their ability to maintain the project over time
  • Created paper wireframes and final visual designs
  • Designed the information architecture: taxonomy, navigation and information presentation.
  • Developed and tested custom WordPress theme, including all custom HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP
  • Managed content migration done by one of my interns
  • Tools used: Illustrator, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Thematic theme, Google Analytics, paper/pen/whiteboards.

Technical tidbit

This was the first of now several web sites and applications that used a common shared library of assets (HTML/CSS/Images) used to make the web presence look the same across different web servers and development frameworks.  Internally, we called this ‘Globals’.

A little story

This project was being developed during the time when we were just beginning to embrace social media as an institution. During this time, we set up our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr presence.  At first, the web office (a coworker and I) was posting most of the messages in our social media channels. In addition, during this time I had just begun a photography internship program and we took advantage of this by adding a little Flickr feed into the site.   Eventually, the communications office began managing all the social media sites.