Composite Photography

A series of composite photographs created for an exhibit.

Artist Statement

This series of work was originally inspired by a brake-up from a romantic relationship (coincidentally, I later married this woman.) Later works explore the concept of ‘relationships’ in more general terms.

These images tell a story about individual characters using at different points in time. These photographs are enlarged to an average of 5 feet in height, and are composed of anywhere between 60 and 200 individual photographs. The figures then become life-size and the emotions expressed are brought into reality.

The scale of the work allows the viewers to submerge into the scene. These smaller photographs invite the viewer to get closer to the work and see the changes from one photograph to the next. The abstraction of each smaller photo gives the idea of the changes and twists relationships go through over time.

The models in the photographs are people whom I never met. They are complete strangers I run into while setting up the photograph. The fact that they are strangers allows me to see the photographs for what they are instead of whom they depict. The photographs are all manipulated digitally and are cut up into a grid format and enlarged through a process called ‘Type C Print’, which is the fancy term for the chemical process color photography from color negatives go through.



These pieces were exhibited at the group show  “Good Bye My Love” at the 7th Floor Gallery in Madison, Wisconsin.

Artists in the exhibit:

  • Theo Streibel
  • Dan LaValley
  • Ethan Cradler
  • Juan Ulloa