Saving as PDF with links from Word on OSX

I just ran into a little problem trying to make a PDF from a Word doc on my Mac. It turns out that Word on OSX will remove all hyperlinks during the conversion unless you spell out the entire URL.  After doing some digging online, the best solution I found was to take my newly created PDF file and using Preview to add each link back to the PDF.   If you have a lot of links on your document, this is a pain.

But, I just came up with a much faster solution that may work for some folks.  All you need is a Windows Live account to get into Sky Drive.

This is what you do:

  • Upload your Word Doc to SkyDrive
  • Open it in SkyDrive
  • Print as PDF
  • Easy! 


There is one drawback. If you are using any custom fonts, SkyDrive will default to some other font on your document.

Either way, I hope this saves a few headaches.